Resacredise your relationship

with Mother Earth's heart.

In-person Reiki and Crystal Healing sessions are available on Fridays at Organic Feast, East Maitland. Please contact me to book a date and time.


 Testimonial for Drum Journey Recordings

"I did your drum journey yesterday and it was perfect!  As good, if not better, than in person.  The quality was brilliant and I was able to take my time to make my space how I wanted it." Faye, 2022.

Self-guided Courses

Learn to align with the infinite source of inner calm, peace and bliss

A six-session self-paced training in connecting to Divine Feminine Energy that can help transform low spirits, anxiety or despair into strength, calm and gentle uplift.  This energy can support you to embody your true heart on Earth.  In 2023 I will be offering this course each season as a 6 week supported course with weekly Zooms and a private Facebook group to connect with like-hearts.  You can register for the free information session above.

A wellbeing gift for life

A fun, light-hearted introduction to the senses, body connection and mindfulness wrapped up in the calm of nature.  This guided children's yoga book is accessible to all body shapes and requires no particular beliefs, just a curiosity to try moving your body in different ways and noticing how you feel.  The book offers movement, breathing and a guided imagination story for each day of the week.  Over time, a healthy rhythm can develop.  Children may also use particular nature-based ideas in the book to support their wellbeing as they grow up and into the wider world.

Go deeper

Source Your Inner Bliss - a 6 week self-guided program that can help lost or forgotten, sensitive nature priestesses, earth guardians and shamans to transform anxiety and grief into grounded peace, power and joy.  Learn to plug into a powerful source of energy immersing you in Mother Earth's beauty, so you can be of service to loved ones, nature and all that you care about. More information.


I am truly blessed to have a Soul Sister as Helen. I was extremely depressed, and not wanting to remain on this earth plain. Helen was there for me. I have had a couple of Shamanic Healing sessions with Helen, and one of them we went out into the foothills of the Barrington Tops, it was so beautiful. And the second, Helen cut some attachment cords, that had been there for many years. You are truly amazing Helen, and I am grateful for the healing you have done on me, and guided me through. Tracie, 2014.


I have known Helen for some years but since our paths have drawn closer over recent months I have found her gentle, quiet, nurturing presence and energy and her healing techniques transformational.
I would recommend Helen’s sessions to anyone seeking inner peace
and health of body and soul. Fran, 2015.


Helen has the ability to make your life more enriched and happier.
She has learned all the lessons in life the hard way, she has walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. You will not regret a visit to Helen, you will go back again and again.  Blessings to you Helen x Linda, 2015.

1:1 Soul Retrieval Zoom Sessions

A limited number of personalised sessions are available each week to help you restore your wellbeing.  

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