Guided Drum Journey Meditations

Drum Journeys are a tool for accessing deep self-awareness and insights.  They give an experience of how we are all connected in a beautiful energy matrix.  We can learn to source healing energy medicine that can bring balance to our lives and our world. 

Connecting you to healing wisdom 

In life we will never reach a place where we won’t have any challenges.  My nana used to say, enjoy the good times; because more hard times will come.  I used to think she was being negative, but now I realise it was good advice.  Life is about change and navigating change with compassion and resilience.  That's how we grow and evolve.  The good news is we have more spiritual help and support available than we realise.     


How drum journeys work

Shamanic Drum Journeying is a safe way of accessing higher consciousness states.  Humans have known for thousands of years that listening to a regular drum sound of 3-4 beats per minute slows our brainwaves down and opens a door into deep time and space where, if we wish, we can receive healing and insight from more subtle levels of higher vibration occurring in our world.

Your drum journey

I hold in-person drum journeys each month at The Inner Health Centre, Organic Feast, East Maitland.  Please click the Resources tab, scroll to the event and book your place.  You will then receive e-mails with information on how to prepare and gain deep benefit.

I also have drum journey recordings available for purchase.   On purchase the recording is e-mailed.  Listening with headphones or earphones is recommended to pick up the full range of drum frequencies.  

There is a theme for each journey.  This helps you set an intention and creates a combined group energy that can strengthen the experience.  We have an opening 10-15 minute ceremony to help you centre and to cleanse and raise the vibration.  Each participant shares their personal intention that can help structure your experience.  We also call in spirit guides to assist for protection and the highest good. No particular beliefs are required to do drum journeying, except an appreciation that we are living within an energy field that has different qualities of vibrations in it.

You then lie down and relax whilst listening to the healing drum frequencies.  You may like to use crystals placed on and around your body if you have them.  This is also not essential but can help ground and integrate the experiences.

I will guide you into and through the journey and back home again. I will suggest things to visualise and notice but the journey will be your own.  If you do not visualise you can still journey and know you are accessing deep wisdom and healing which may come through feelings, sensations, sound or intuition.

At the end of the drum journey there is a prayer, song or blessing to close the experience and thank our spirit guides. 

For all drum journeys, participants receive an audio recording of the journey e-mailed to you within 48 hours of the event so if you cannot attend, you can still listen and experience the journey afterwards as many times as you like.

Extra notes for in-person drum journeys

  • Please bring 2 pillows and a light covering such as a shawl or blanket. 
  • Yoga mats are supplied to lie on and chairs are available if you prefer to be seated.  If you wish to bring your own extra cushioning that is fine.
  • As an optional extra, you may also like to bring any crystals desired to place on or around your body. Helen has some drum journey crystal packs available for purchase at events. 
  • If you have a round-frame drum, you are welcome to bring it and join in with the opening drumming to cleanse and raise the vibration.


Covid-19 WHS Safety Plan for in-person events

  • For all participants, if you are feeling unwell, have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 7 days, please do not attend the event.  You may choose to retain your place and receive the audio recording or cancel your booking.  At least 48 hours notice of cancellation is required in order to receive a full refund. 
  • Attendee numbers are limited to 10 participants to enable physical distancing of 1.5m.  Please respect other people's wishes to distance themselves.
  • Natural ventilation is used wherever possible and the workshop is room aired before use.
  • Mask-wearing is not required, but you may wear a mask if you prefer.
  • Frequently touched surfaces and the yoga mats provided are cleaned before the event.
  • Crystals are not supplied for group events.  Clients may choose to bring and use their own crystals if preferred, or purchase a pack for personal use.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for participants.
  • Vaccinations are not required in order to attend.  
  • Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

How to book 

Click this link to booking page and select the drum journey you would like to attend.  After purchase you will receive an e-mail with instructions for accessing the event.

Bookings page